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National Inflation Association Reacts to Allegations, Peter Schiff Responds

After Peter Schiff alleged that the National Inflation Association was scamming its members with a pump and dump stock scam, NIA reacted in a manner which Schiff suggests further confirms their guilt. According to the president of Euro Pacific … [Read more...]

National Inflation Association Accused of ‘Pump and Dump’ Stock Scam

[sc name="adsense-336x280-top"] In a recent video Peter Schiff has accused the National Inflation Association of a "pump and dump" stock scam.  The National Inflation Association was founded in 2009 and states its mission is "preparing Americans for … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Wealth During the Economic Collapse

The trillions of dollars created at the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007 may have prevented total economic collapse but have only temporarily solved the problem. Certainly banks and the financial system were saved from a total collapse, … [Read more...]

5 Predictions for the U.S. Economy and Economic Collapse in 2011

[sc name="adsense-336x280-top"] 1) Economic collapse in America will begin when food inflation becomes a major crisis. Currently there is a serious shortage of farmers the U.S.  While there has been a boom in non-productive service oriented jobs … [Read more...]

5 Essentials to Survive Economic Collapse

Preparation will be crucial to survive a total economic collapse. If, for instance, there is a dollar crisis and hyperinflation begins, there will be pandemonium as millions of unprepared people scurry to buy what they can before their money loses … [Read more...]

Economic Collapse in America Will be Caused by Fed Inflation

As the Federal Reserve continues to create money out of thin air, in its effort to stimulate the economy, it has guaranteed catastrophic economic collapse.  Sound economic theory advises us that this endeavor is completely futile but Fed Chairman Ben … [Read more...]

5 Warning Signs of Economic Collapse in the United States

Contrary to what the mainstream media and government tell you, the United States is in the beginning stages of a total economic collapse. All that is propping up the economy is the massive inflation being created by the Federal Reserve, giving the … [Read more...]