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Fed Policy Aims For Increased Inflation, Rising Prices

One of the most dreaded consequences of the massive, open-ended QE that has been unleashed by the Fed is that of unbridled inflation. Analysts fear that a result of the huge money printing exercise by the FED could be an overflow of the extra … [Read more...]

Report finds America’s entrepreneurial beast on the decline

The Hudson Institute, an economic policy research organization, published a study earlier this month titled “The Collapse of Startups in Job Creation,” which analyzes the decline of entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in those startup … [Read more...]

Canadian Finance Minister urges corporations to invest ‘dead money’ into economy

This summer, Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney accused Canadian corporations of sitting on $526 billion worth of “dead money.”  Carney as well as Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said at the time that the companies should either give the money back to … [Read more...]

Are Mitt Romney’s charitable contributions or tax rates more important?

Since former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney became the presumptive Republican nominee, a portion of the presidential campaign has focused on whether or not the two-time presidential candidate will release 12 years worth of tax returns like his … [Read more...]

United States Slips to 18 in 2012 Annual Report of Economic Freedom

The Canadian think tank Fraser Institute publishes an annual report assessing economic freedom throughout the world. The Institute released its latest 2012 report last week. This annual survey is born out of a 25 year project that addresses the … [Read more...]

Report: Current, future federal regulations costing businesses $1.8 trillion annually

Why would someone want to become an entrepreneur in today’s United States? Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV, has gone on record by stating that it would be extremely difficult to start a … [Read more...]

Marc Faber, Gov. Rick Perry call for resignation of Ben Bernanke

Following the central bank’s announcement of even further economic stimulus, some of the world’s leading financiers are urging the Federal Reserve head to step down for ruining the United States economy. Speaking with CNBC Friday, Marc Faber, … [Read more...]

Organized Crime: Dilorenzo’s New Book on Government

Professor Thomas Dilorenzo has another excellent book out:  Organized Crime:  The Unvarnished Truth About Government.  It contains a series of short essays demonstrating the inherent criminality of the State in lucid example after example.  Central … [Read more...]

What Will QE3 Mean For Average Americans?

Professor Jeff Herbener sheds light on what the Fed is doing and how it will affect the average person in this video.  Look out for double digit inflation in the future in addition to high unemployment.  Perhaps a repeat of the 1970s stagflation but … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Fed QE3 announcement shows ‘disastrous detachment from reality’

On Thursday, the Federal Reserve announced an initiative to flush even more stimulus into the economy. The central bank’s policy, known as quantitative easing, will result in buying $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities each month, but … [Read more...]