‘Life Without Capitalism’ – New video teaches the young ones a thing or two

For years now, I have covered numerous protests up here in Toronto, whether it’s union-related, Occupy, anti-conservative, etc., and constantly I have to hear how capitalism is an evil system and we must fully embrace the virtues of socialism.

As a reporter, you have to be objective and remain non-confrontational.  It was difficult to remain calm or even refrain from laughing during Occupy when one guy said he wanted the government to take over certain businesses and pay everyone $20 per hour (at least).

It’s also ironic that all of these people who complain about capitalism and outsourcing are the same people who buy the latest Apple gadgets, such as the iPad, iPhone or whatever else they’re selling.  They’re capitalistic and they have cheap labour in China.  The hilarity ensues every time I point this out to colleagues, the protesters and acquaintances I know who are quite liberal.

The fine folks at The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) released a new video that makes this exact case (capitalism vs. socialism) and how young people are quite unaware that their lives are vastly improved because of capitalism and free markets and not a bureaucrat in Washington (or in my case Ottawa).

Anyway, here is the video and also the press release from the group:

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  1. hardeeharrharr says:

    Yes, the dystopian view of an absolute lack of capitalism was very realistic and compelling. Logical too.

    Thanks goodness they’re finally pointing out to ‘the kids’ why corporations are people and why laissez-faire systems have always done extremely well.

    It’s just a good thing that they didn’t show any of the grey area the rest of us live in…ya know, reality. That would have really thrown ‘the kids’ off.

    — A rational person who doesn’t own any apple products

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