Rand Paul: Nobody spends somebody else’s money as wisely as their own

Rand Paul appeared a week or two ago on CNBC to promote his latest book “Government Bullies.”  It talks about how government bullies (yes, it’s quite descriptive from the title) average Americans on a daily basis over petty items.  This topic has been widely covered by John Stossel over at Fox.

There was one particular statement that Paul stated, which was taken from Milton Friedman.

“Nobody spends somebody else’s money as wisely as they spend their own,” said the Kentucky Republican Senator.

For anyone who has studied free market economics, this Friedman line is quite famous.  In the book “Free to Choose,” he has a chart that highlights this.  He also reiterated this point in many different interviews.  When I complain about government, I usually quote Friedman on this.

Although Paul has received serious flack for endorsing Mitt Romney for president, he has had a good voting record thus far, except for supporting further sanctions on Iran.  Other than that, he has been a good voice for defending liberty, free markets and the constitution in the senate.

The entire video interview can be found below.

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