Would you get a tattoo of a politician for $15,000?

ABC News reported late last week that Indiana man Eric Hartsburg got a tattoo of Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s logo on the side of his head.  He apparently auctioned off the space of his head for $15,000 and it was paid for by an anonymous Republican eBay user.

Hartsburg said that he is a Republican voter and that he supports the Romney-Paul Ryan ticket in this year’s presidential election.  He was offered a higher amount, but it was deemed too “lewd” – he noted in the ad that it cannot be racist or offensive.

So now Hartsburg is glad that he has the tattoo because he can teach other people about his beliefs.  However, the professional wrestler has gotten quite a number “F-yous” from the general public and many consider Hartsburg now to be the “boogeyman.”

Oh well, you got $15,000 out of it and in this economy, any amount of money helps.  However, would you want a tattoo of your representative on your head?  I know people (most likely unknowingly) wear communist T-shirts, like Che Guevara, around town, but would I want a tattoo of, let’s say, Ron Paul on my temple?  Most likely not.  I’ll stick with wearing his T-shirts.  You can keep the $15,000 (will the $15k be worth $15k in eight years?).

Madonna made news last month when she got a tattoo of President Barack Obama on her lower back.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“The rebellious wrestler isn’t going to stop at his Romney tattoo, though. He is now auctioning off his forehead space as well, but this time he is doing a private auction rather than using eBay. The minimum bid for this prime real estate is $5, 000.

“When asked if he would get an Obama tattoo stamped on his forehead if requested by the highest bidder, Eric Hartsburg says that was one question he wasn’t prepared to answer.

“‘No one has ever asked me that,’ he said. ‘That is one question that I wasn’t prepared to answer. But no, no, I would definitely not get an Obama tattoo.’

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