Donald Trump makes a $1 million splash for Toronto community centre

Over the weekend, I attended a news conference for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Regent Park Aquatic Centre, which is part of the overall Regent Park Revitalization project.  It’s a near $15 million facility that features a huge waterslide, private stalls for swimmers, a Tarzan rope and many other aspects.

This was a jointly-funded project by the Canadian, Ontario and Toronto governments (meaning taxpayers, who were not thanked, mind you).  Also, real-estate billion-dollar mogul Donald Trump contributed between $1 and $2 million to the project as part of his Trump Tower construction and Section 37 of the Ontario Planning Act.

City Councillor Pam McConnell told reporters that Trump has been quite keen on receiving updates on the aquatic centre and will most likely “zip by” the next time he is in the city of Toronto.

Although Trump is usually vilified by the media because of his opposition to President Barack Obama, he should be given some accolades for his contribution to this facility and other charity work he has done over the years.  Remember, charity is by far more efficient than government.

Here are some excerpts from this Digital Journal article relating to Trump:

“Canadian officials and community members gathered for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the Regent Park Aquatic Centre in Toronto. With public and private investment, including from Donald Trump, this is one step to Regent Park revitalization.

“What does billionaire real-estate mogul Donald Trump have in common with a small community just east of downtown Toronto? A $1 to $2 million grant toward a new project that will benefit children who want to learn how to swim and learn lifesaving skills.”

“The federal and provincial governments each contributed $1 million, while the City chipped in $14.6 million. As noted, Trump provided a $1 million (other reports suggest $2 million) grant toward the aquatic centre as part of Section 37 of the Ontario Planning Act and his construction of Trump Tower, a few blocks from the centre.

“‘Donald Trump was very interested in this project personally as well as the Talon Corporation’s Alex Snyder and Al Levinson, who are building the Trump buildings,’ said Councillor McConnell. ‘I think the next time he is in town; he will probably zip by to see we spent his $1 million very well. But those were anchor dollars that allowed us to move forward.’”

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  1. Kevin Brown says:

    I doubt that Donald Trump donated one dollar to the community center because he does not have one dollar invested in the Trump Tower Toronto. He is getting paid a fee by the Developer – Talon Inc. – to use his name on the Tower. It is a branding deal only. If Pam McConnell thinks the $2 Million came from Donald Trump personally she is more stupid that I thought!

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for commenting! Trump was forced to give $1 million to the city as part of constructing Trump Tower and Section 37.

    • Kevin Brown says:

      Hi Andrew. The developer – Talon Inc. – owned by Russian/Canadian Billionaire , Alex Shnaider (not “Snyder” as written above) was forced to contribute money to the Center. Donald Trump is not an investor in this project. He is getting paid an undisclosed (but probably sizable) sum of money by Talon to use his name on the building.

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