Rand Paul: ‘Do not send your money to Washington’

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNBC on Thursday to talk about the anti-tax pledge and New Y0rk Democratic Senator Charles Schumer’s criticism of the Republican Party’s apparent abandonment and “divorce” from the pledge.

Paul explained that most of the money that is sent to Washington is wasted and misallocated.  He stated that he was elected on the philosophy of a limited government, less debt, balanced budgets and a belief in the free market and free enterprise.

In the end, the main problems facing Washington is a spending problem (25 percent of the GDP) rather than a revenue problem.  Paul warned that by the end of the year, Washington representatives will stuff various things into “one big bad bill” before they go home for Christmas, like the debt ceiling limit increase.

One of the best things Paul said in his interview (possibly even his career) was this:

“People up here are not to be trusted with money.  They are not good with money, there’s no secret of that.  Do not send your money to Washington.  It’s the last place you want to send your money.”

The entire six-minute interview can be found below.

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