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Ayn Rand takes on Illuminati conspiracy theorist

Speaking on the Phil Donahue Show during the 1970s or 1980s, world-renowned philosopher Ayn Rand refuted a conspiracy theorist's notion that her book "Atlas Shrugged" is a blueprint for the takeover by Illuminati, or perhaps the New World … [Read more...]

Silver expected to hit new highs in 2013 as U.S. economic collapse furthers

What does 2013 have in store for silver bullion? At a time when the United States economy is on the verge of collapse, will silver become the new gold for investors? Although prices have tripled since the start of the Great Recession, silver has … [Read more...]

Loud, insulting and obnoxious law school graduate debates Peter Schiff

It's always entertaining and insightful to watch any video that involves Euro Pacific Capital president Peter Schiff.  The latest video just shows that many of the "intellectuals" in our society have no real understanding of economics and believe the … [Read more...]

Free Staters not welcome in New Hampshire

From The Tom Woods Letter: The great Free State Project (FSP) involves having pro-freedom individuals and families move to the Granite State in order to create an environment for the realization of "liberty in our lifetime," as the FSP puts it. … [Read more...]

Economic Collapse News featured on

Digital Journal's Leigh Goessl spoke with Economic Collapse News publisher and editor Stephen Otto recently. ECN was profiled and highlights the publication's plans for 2013, its future goals and why it was started in the first place.  The link to … [Read more...]

Chart looks at federal government debt vs. corporate debt since 1966

Common Sense Capitalism posted another interesting video over at YouTube that compares the United States federal government's debt compared to corporate debt since 1966. What's interesting about the video is that from the 1960s all the way to just a … [Read more...]

Minimum wage hikes to lead to higher unemployment, weaker economy in collapse

On New Year’s Day, some of the nation’s lowest-paid workers will receive a bigger paycheck when the minimum wage increases in 10 states. Approximately one million employees will see more income as part of state cost-of-living adjustments that account … [Read more...]

Thomas Sowell on the ‘vulgar pride of intellectuals’

After starting to read Thomas Sowell's superb "Knowledge and Decisions," it became a good idea to publish an in-depth interview on how intellectuals have ruined society and the worst ideas are adopted by the intellectuals in a country.  Sowell has … [Read more...]

Ron Paul is the ‘Man of the Decade’ at WorldNetDaily

Forget TIME magazine's "Person of the Year," time to meet the "Man of the Decade" over at WorldNetDaily. Ron Paul, a three-time presidential candidate, bestselling author and 12-term Texas Republican Congressman, is's "Man of the Decade" … [Read more...]

Outraged by excessive government power and regulation? Watch this video

Reason TV published an excellent video on YouTube on Thursday that profiles a restaurant called “Tam’s Burgers.”  It is now forced to shut down its business in the first week of January 2013 all due to the excess power of the Los Angeles Police … [Read more...]