Who do you trust? New poll finds Congressmen, car salesmen least trusworthy

We all like to lambast politicians and car salesmen as being sleazy, immoral and untrustworthy.  But is that all in jest? Well, according to a new Gallup poll, the three least trustworthy members of society are car sales people (eight percent), Congressmen (10 percent) and advertising practitioners/stockbrokers (11 percent).

When it comes to actually trusting professionals, nurses (85 percent), pharmacists (75 percent) and medical doctors/engineers (70 percent) top the list.  However, it should be noted that we have to actually trust the top three professions because otherwise we’d be having serious health issues.

It’s funny, though, because there are many facets of society that want government to do more, especially the young people.  Yet, only a small fragment of taxpayers, residents, citizens and voters trust those government officials.

Oh, and journalists are in the middle of the pack with 24 percent.

“Members of Congress have never fared well in the 36 years of these ratings. The high point for congressmen and congresswomen came in November 2001, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when 25% of Americans rated their honesty and ethical standards as very high or high. Last year’s 7% honesty rating for members of Congress was the lowest on record,” wrote Gallup.

The entire poll can be found here.

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