Ron Paul is the ‘Man of the Decade’ at WorldNetDaily

Forget TIME magazine‘s “Person of the Year,” time to meet the “Man of the Decade” over at WorldNetDaily.

Ron Paul, a three-time presidential candidate, bestselling author and 12-term Texas Republican Congressman, is‘s “Man of the Decade” for his pursuit of sound money, promotion of liberty and championing the United States Constitution.  Indeed, for everything Dr. Paul has done over the years, he deserves and has earned this humble distinction.

“In addition to his primary focus of keeping government within the confines of the Constitution, Paul’s legacy will prominently feature his unwavering dedication to audit – and ultimately abolish – the Federal Reserve in a decades-long effort to restore America’s economy and monetary system to sound, constitutional principles,” wrote author Taylor Rose.  “He took no prisoners and abided by no political party dictates while trying to push America back to the ideas of its Founding Fathers regarding privacy, responsibility, limited government and freedom.”

Dr. Paul has been profiled in some way numerous times across the media landscape this month, whether it was his accomplishments over the past year or his time serving in Washington.  Economic Collapse News published a piece that lists the top Paul moments that changed U.S. politics forever.

Here is the WND piece and ECN‘s post can be found here.

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