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Digital Journal‘s Leigh Goessl spoke with Economic Collapse News publisher and editor Stephen Otto recently. ECN was profiled and highlights the publication’s plans for 2013, its future goals and why it was started in the first place.  The link to the article can be found here and some excerpts are below.

“Many people are apprehensive of the direction in which the economy is going, and as these concerns over dire financial situations emerge across the world, people are actively searching for information.

“All across the globe financial situations have become dismal for many countries. Here in the U.S., the economy and the “fiscal cliff” have been consistently making headlines as the government attempts to work out a solution to solve the nation’s financial crisis. According to one news website, the term “economic collapse” is a common search term.

“Economic Collapse News is a relatively new startup, launched in 2011. ECN is a U.S.-based independent news publication whose mission is “to report on economic crises and show why they are mostly caused by various government policies which distort and disfigure the marketplace.”

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