Loud, insulting and obnoxious law school graduate debates Peter Schiff

It’s always entertaining and insightful to watch any video that involves Euro Pacific Capital president Peter Schiff.  The latest video just shows that many of the “intellectuals” in our society have no real understanding of economics and believe the government is our solution to every problem.

This isn’t more apparent that than this Fox News interview between Schiff and Erica Payne, Agenda Project Founder, who actually called Schiff a “moron.”  She also added that how could Schiff defend the likes of Paris Hilton over the average American worker (huh?)

The more than seven-minute video touches upon the fiscal cliff, government spending, taxes and the Republican Party.  Enjoy!

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  1. She did say that Peter looks good off, so how about all the rich company owners go on a 1 month vacation, lay off all their employees and give the government a trail run for a month and we can see in the end who will be crying more for the others help.

  2. This is a REALLY OLD video. From several weeks ago.

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