Senators received 154-page Fiscal Cliff bill three minutes before vote

First, allow me to admit something: I am not the fastest reader.  I love to read, but I’m not a quick one.

With that being said, I’m amazed that those in Washington are really fast readers.  When it came to President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the 2,000-page piece of legislation was read in just a few hours because the vote came hours later.  Now, with the Fiscal Cliff bill, which was 154 pages, it was given out three minutes before the vote, according to CNS News.

This means that the geniuses in Washington read a 154-page bill in just 180 seconds! If I could read 154 pages in that length of time, I’d finish this 1,100-page Thomas Sowell book in less than an hour.  Of course, like the American people believe, those in Congress are Gods, Santa Clauses and all-knowing.

Aren’t politicians elected to actually read the bills they vote for?

Here are excerpts from the article:

“The U.S. Senate voted 89-8 to approve legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff despite having only 3 minutes to read the 154-page bill and budget score.

“Multiple Senate sources have confirmed to that senators received the bill at approximately 1:36 AM on Jan. 1, 2013 – a mere three minutes before they voted to approve it at 1:39 AM.

“The bill is 154-pages and includes several provisions that are unrelated to the fiscal cliff, including repealing a section of ObamaCare, extending the wind-energy tax credit, and a rum tax subsidy deal for Puerto Rican rum makers.”

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