Chart: Unemployment rate by education in 1992 vs. 2012

Common Sense Capitalism published a short video last week that compared the unemployment levels by the category of education between 1992 and 2012.  Right now, the official unemployment rate is at 7.8 percent, but as ECN has reported in the past that the number is at least in the low-20s.

Here are the figures from the chart, while the video can be found below:

No High School: 10.8 percent (1992) | 12.2 percent (2012)

High School: 6.8 percent (1992) | 8.1 percent (2012)

Some College: 5.6 percent (1992) | 6.5 percent (2012)

Bachelor’s or Higher: 3.1 percent (1992) | 3.8 percent (2012)

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