Did you survive the Sequester today?

The sequester officially arrives today when $85 billion in automatic cuts to the federal budget take into effect.  President Barack Obama, the Democratic leadership and the mainstream media believe the sequester is the apocalypse, while the Republicans believe it’s a gift from God to fiscal prudence.

Economic Collapse News just reported that some analysts believe the $85 billion out of a $3.54 trillion budget is “draconian.”  As a matter of fact, it is neither groundshaking nor fiscally virtuous because it doesn’t really do much and the United States government will still spend billions of dollars more this year than last year.

But let’s put this into perspective briefly: the U.S. has a budget of $3.54 trillion; the budget deficit is $1.04 trillion and the national debt is more than $16.6 trillion. $85 billion? I like Ron Paul’s plan to cut $1 trillion in one year!

Here’s a question: did you survive the sequester today? Did fire engulf the sky? Did Ronald Reagan resurrect from the dead? Here’s a video to laugh at the entire circus known as the sequester.

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