Satirical website claims Paul Krugman is bankrupt after stimulating his finances

Keynesian Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who may in fact be intellectually bankrupt, is bankrupt, but not really. The Daily Currant posted a satirical piece that reported Krugman had filed for bankruptcy and owed $7.35 million.

“Rather than tighten his belt and pay the sums back, the pseudo-Keynesian economist decided to ‘stimulate’ his way to a personal recovery by investing in expenses he hoped would one day boost his income,” the report stated.

Many websites thought it was true. But this isn’t the first time that news organizations bought a story from the Daily Currant.  Last month, the parody website reported that Sarah Palin had agreed to become a contributor to the Al Jazeera News Network and it was picked up by the Washington Post.

Krugman will never file for bankruptcy because too many people buy his fallacious conclusions as it is.

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