Poll shows growing distrust of government by Americans

Americans have a strong tradition of being skeptical of the government.  This skepticism has waned over the past century but a new poll by the Pew Research Center indicates that distrust is increasing, especially of the federal government since Obama took office.

Now for every ten Americans only three trust the decisions of the federal government.  This should be no surprise.  The complete ineptitude of Obama, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve to do the right thing for an economic recovery to occur is glaringly clear.

These incompetents will continue doing the wrong thing until there is a crisis in the form of an economic collapse, dollar collapse, and massive inflation as a result of the out of control spending and money printing by the government and Federal Reserve.

Here’s economist Robert Murphy explaining the problems with the government’s Keynesian “solutions” to the economic depression:

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  1. The government is screwing up the world? Quelle surprise!

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