Bernanke’s money printing continues to boost economy but inflation looms

The Federal Reserve’s easy money policies continue to boost the stock market, employment numbers, and housing market.  The Dow made another all time high for the ninth day in a row.

But with this Fed manipulated boom, inflation in consumer goods will soon intensify.  An early indication is an increase in the Producer Price Index which saw a 0.7% increase in February, an unusually high number.  Energy costs also increased significantly in February, spiking 3% with a 7.2% increase in gas prices.

The economy will continue to appear strong as long as the Fed keeps printing but watch out for accelerating price inflation.  It will be surprising to most how rapidly prices start to climb.

Here’s a video about how the Federal Reserve and other central banks create inflation and what you can do to survive the collapse of the dollar.  The book The Dollar Meltdown mentioned in the video is a very important read for anyone wanting to understand and prepare for the dollar collapse.

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