Swedish version of the IRS suggests society would crumble without taxes

Tom Woods recently posted a video over at his blog of a commercial from Sweden produced by their version of the Internal Revenue Service.  Tom remarks:

“This video, from the Swedish version of the IRS, shows what the world would supposedly look like without taxes. All soccer fields would be left to deteriorate. Filth would come out of your shower head. We’d all be driving in the mud, because we’re too stupid to figure out a way to build roads cooperatively, without threats of violence. And so on.

So be sure to pay your taxes, you stupid rube: without us, you’d be a pathetic boob, driving in the mud and reeking of filth to a soccer field overrun by weeds.”

It’s quite remarkable observing how this mindset prevails around the world, especially in democratic socialist countries such as Sweden.  Hopefully not too many people in America are so far gone that they would actually believe this nonsense.  Contrary to the socialist quote on the Treasury Building in DC, taxation is not the price we pay for civilization.  Taxation rather is a scourge on civilization.  It’s legal organized theft, pure and simple.  What could be more uncivilized than that?

Here’s the sixty second video:

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