Miami Mayor on Marlins Park: ‘The residents of Miami were raped’ by MLB franchise

Miami Mayor Tomas Regaldo accused the Miami Marlins baseball franchise of stealing money from the taxpayers in order to fund their state-of-the-art stadium, which has numerous luxuries, such as aquariums behind the home plate and a retractable roof.

According to the financing agreement, the team will pay for $160 million of the $634 million park, but the county could be doling out $1.1 billion by the year 2048 on compound interest and balloon payments on one $91 million loan.

How could one of the nation’s poorest cities and counties afford such a luxury? The mayor, who opposed the deal in the first place, blamed the franchise ownership and the various taxes that will fund the stadium.

“[Owners] insulted the taxpayers, and then they insulted the fans. It was: We did it to you—and screw you,” said Regaldo, according to the Miami New Times. “Miami has a history of bad deals, but I would rank this No. 1. The residents of Miami were raped. Completely.”

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