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You can stop the government from stealing your money – Here’s how

Casey Research has a new presentation out called Internationalizing Your Assets designed to help investors manage political risk by diversifying their assets geographically.  The presentation is headed by Doug Casey and also features the following … [Read more...]

Gold dealers being shut down in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut wants to require gold dealers to keep records of all their precious metals transactions.  As Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante notes this could be the beginning of an effective gold confiscation in the state.  It wouldn't … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Big Mac tracks inflation better than government CPI

It was recently reported by Economic Collapse News that the government is going to change how the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is calculated because the numbers don't reflect kindly on the efficacy of government stimulus programs.  Another way the … [Read more...]

2016 Libertarian presidential candidate accepting gold, bitcoins in campaign donations

The 2016 presidential election is still very far away – 1,287 days to be exact – but some presidential hopefuls are already looking at their campaign strategies and how to finance their bids for the White House. Darryl W. Perry, a Libertarian … [Read more...]

Worldwide youth unemployment nearly equal to entire U.S. population

Economic Collapse News has reported on the staggering unemployment rate in Spain with their youth unemployment rate reaching 57.2 percent.  Now it has been reported by Economist that the total number of unemployed youth ages 15 - 24 in developed … [Read more...]

22 items that vanish from stores in an economic collapse or natural disaster

It’s no secret that a lot of people do not prepare for the worst. Whether it’s an economic collapse, a natural disaster, man-made disaster or any other kind of an emergency, it seems most households are not properly equipped to handle a crisis. This … [Read more...]

Now the Japanese go gaga for gold as inflation intensifies

The Bank of Japan has been working in tandem with the Federal Reserve to inflate their respective currencies and now the Japanese public are buying gold to protect their purchasing power from the inflation and devaluation of the yen. “The time has … [Read more...]

Video: How the government is recalculating the GDP to propagandize Americans

The latest Gross Domestic Product number revealed unexpected weakness in the economy by the government and mainstream economists, so guess what?  The government is just going to change how they calculate the GDP to make the economy look … [Read more...]

U.S. shadow economy estimated to be worth $2 trillion

The Great Recession has caused staggering amounts of unemployment in the United States. With the real jobless percentage in the low to mid-20s, many are desperate and turning to any employment opportunity, even if it’s in the underground economy. It … [Read more...]

Central banks are buying record amounts of stocks

Low bond yields are leading central banks to buy higher risk assets such as equities to get higher returns.  This will further inflate the stock market bubble that these central banks are responsible for with their record monetary stimulus programs … [Read more...]