Gerald Celente: US government is provoking North Korea with economic sanctions

In an interview with, Gerald Celente of stated that the economic sanctions against North Korea by the United States constitute economic warfare.  He pointed out how these policies go against what the founders said about foreign policy:  that we should trade and talk to everyone but not get involved with entangling alliances and quarrels that are none of our business.

North Korea has no real ability to harm the U.S.  And economic sanctions never work as intended.  Rather than harming the dictators they are aimed at, they only harm the people of the targeted government, which actually helps the dictator.  And North Korea’s totally government planned economy means it can’t even feed its people, much less launch a war.

Also discussed is the Cyprus economic collapse and banker bailouts and how those bailouts could become commonplace in Europe and eventually make their way to America.  Celente talks about how people can protect themselves from the moneychangers that are running governments in the interview as well:

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