A primer on the economic collapse: Economic Solutions

I first read the booklet Economic Solutions: How You and America Are Being Bankrupted by Peter Kershaw shortly after the 2008 financial crisis.  At the time I had very little understanding of economics or even politics.  It was around the same time that I first heard of Ron Paul, as he was running for the presidential election.

Well this little primer on the economy, the Federal Reserve, and the IRS was a real wake-up call to me as to what was happening in America.  I became staunchly anti-Fed and central banking as I instantly realized that this institution was the source of our economic malaise.  I learned that the central bank and a heavy progressive income tax such that is enforced by the IRS are both planks of the Communist Manifesto – and these planks had been instituted in America!

This led me to later read The Creature From Jekyll Island:  A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin.  I can’t recommend that book highly enough.  It is quite lengthy but Griffin documents the entire story of how the Federal Reserve came into existence, what its true purpose was from the start, and the end game for America if this institution is allowed to continue existing.

But back to Economic Solutions.  Here are some questions that are answered:

  • Is America bankrupt?
  • Is America on the verge of a catastrophic economic collapse?
  • Are we headed for another Great Depression?
  • Will we have hyperinflation?
  • What can be done to prepare – to protect your assets and family?
  • What kinds of investments will be able to withstand an economic meltdown?
  • Can government and the media glowing economic predictions be trusted?
  • How did the national debt get so huge?  Is it even possible to pay it off?
  • How did America become the most indebted nation in world history?

There are real solutions for what is wrong with economy and I can promise you that none of them will come from the government or so-called political leaders.  They will come from dismantling the institutions of statism which have caused the crisis.  And by embracing a truly free society with real free markets, not the cronyism and corporatism that is so often confused with capitalism.

So check out Economic Solutions.  You can get it from Amazon here.  I don’t think it is in print anymore so get it while its available.

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