Why conservatives want the Federal Reserve System and high taxes

Gary North calls it the “The Triumvirate of Modern Warfare.” It’s the three political pillars of the modern warfare state, which also happens to be the foundation of the modern welfare state.  In order to fund the warfare state there must be a high progressive income tax, a central bank (the Federal Reserve), and absence of a gold standard.

Conservatives need these institutions to continue expanding and maintaining the American Empire overseas.  This means they are not true conservatives.  They are statists.  They are really neoconservatives.  Ron Paul always wanted to cut military spending and have a purely defensive military budget.  For this he was marginalized by conservatives as being soft on communism.  But his was the true conservative position:  a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Even perceived liberals like Barack Obama have similar views in foreign policy as neoconservatives.  John McCain seems to agree with Obama’s handling of foreign policy (and gun control for that matter).

When conservatives and liberals get together to fund the warfare and welfare state, respectively, they have no problem spending your money and even raising taxes.  This is why Ron Paul says there is too much bi-partisanship in Congress.  And it is why so many Americans are now seeing through the left-right paradigm and seeing the libertarian position as a viable alternative.  Libertarians want to stop the warfare state just as much as the welfare state.  They are both damaging to our liberty and prosperity.

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  1. Marcello says:

    The Federal Reserve System only exists because we let it. If the people demanded honest money and fiscal responsibility, it would be a reality. The sad fact is that too many on both sides of the isle have become engorged on statist largess.

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