Gold dealers being shut down in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut wants to require gold dealers to keep records of all their precious metals transactions.  As Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante notes this could be the beginning of an effective gold confiscation in the state.  It wouldn’t amount to an outright ban, but by making it difficult to conduct sales because of costly compliance with the government’s regulations, the plan will lead to scarcity of precious metals in Connecticut.  The number of dealers will surely decline with such a law in effect.

But here is something else very concerning about the proposed bill.  In the section on “Bullions and Coins”, the bill says:

For bullion and coin sales, in addition to the requirements under current law, the bill requires dealers to keep the record in English, be consecutively numbered, and include the seller’s general description.

Seller’s general description?  Why would the government want to know this?  Seems a lot like the government profiling people it perceives to be dangerous to the regime.

Some insight from Dollar Vigilante:

The state will start to take strong action against gold and decentralized currencies. This is to be expected during The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It. Make sure to act before it’s too late. Get your gold and then secure it somewhere the US government won’t be able to steal it.

Good advice.  Here’s how:

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