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6 ways Paul Krugman has been wrong on the economy for the past decade

Keynesian economist Paul Krugman is one of the most celebrated financial minds in the world today. The mainstream media immediately seeks Krugman for a quote, he is invited to television talk shows, he publishes frequent columns in the New York Times … [Read more...]

Economist Walter Williams: ‘Americans deserve the IRS’

Renowned conservative economist Walter Williams published an op-ed piece Wednesday on Town Hall in which he discusses the recent IRS targeting of Tea Party organizations and other conservatives. Although there has been outrage by the right – and a … [Read more...]

Senior citizens’ debt soars 83% since 2001, youth not saving for retirement: studies

How do you picture retirement? Will your retirement be filled with jumping out of airplanes, skiing in Switzerland and reading a book on a boat? Or will your winter years be comprised of working full-time in order to pay off your debt and maintain a … [Read more...]

Libertarian Party urging for cuts in government to pay for collapsing bridge repairs

Last week, a Washington State bridge collapsed and sent cars and motorists into the cold Skagit River. This has raised concerns over the safety of the nation’s aging infrastructure. Federal government officials and state legislatures have cited the … [Read more...]

Central banks boosted gold holdings in April amid plummets in price

Although financial experts encouraged investors to sell their gold holdings, central banks didn’t listen much to that advice. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a report Monday that showed central banks, particular Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, … [Read more...]

14 jobs that will thrive in the economic collapse and don’t require a college degree

Since the United States federal government got itself involved in post-secondary education and subsidizing tuition rates through the means of student loans, the cost of seeking higher education has soared. Due to artificial pricing because of … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve not slowing down QE measures, Ron Paul responds to Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered testimony to the United States Congressional Joint Economic Committee on Wednesday. Bernanke told lawmakers that the economy is stronger now, but warned that any brakes on its aggressive monetary policy … [Read more...]

Want to have a laugh? See the duo of Tom Woods and Robert Murphy

Want to hear some jokes about the economy, Washington and Paul Krugman? Looking for some serious economic and political analysis? Yearn to be around fellow-minded liberty individuals? Well, now is your chance to see Tom Woods and Robert Murphy on … [Read more...]

One-third of Canadian households report living paycheck to paycheck: poll

Do you know that Scotiabank slogan that tells customers “you’re richer than you think?” Well, perhaps the results of a new finance study show Canadian households are actually poorer (or not as rich) than they think. A new study by the Certified … [Read more...]

Video: Is big business-government collusion trying to kill Lyft’s free market ride-sharing program?

The established taxicab industry is already using the government to curb the growing firm Lyft, an on-demand ride sharing initiative that makes money based on donations. It essentially helps drivers earn a few dollars, while allowing passengers save … [Read more...]