Business Expert: Abolish the IRS, switch to a flat tax

In an email to Economic Collapse News, Grant Cardone, bestselling author and finance expert, explained that it is time to eliminate the IRS and switch to a flat tax. Cardone, who has appeared on all of the major news networks, listed five primary reasons to get rid of the IRS:

– Tax code is too complicated and is the target of corruption

– The recent political targeting scandal

– Maintains 91,000 employees and spends $11 billion each year to collect taxes

– Wasting close to $50 million on conferences

– Staffers have access to personal and private data  of millions of Americans

In recent years, there has been a growing movement to get rid of the IRS and institute a flat tax applied to either individual income or corporate income. Although it isn’t the most perfect system out there, many argue that it is still a better alternative to the current system we have today.

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