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Robert Reich’s ‘Inequality for All’ lacks true economic insight

Thanks to Economic Policy Journal, there was a trailer shown for the documentary “Inequality for All,” starring Keynesian economist and former Clinton administration official Robert Reich. The film, which was released this past Friday, attempts to … [Read more...]

The middle class continues to be buried with proposed tax on credit unions

The middle class in the United States is in between a rock and a hard place these past few years. With the rising cost of living, immense consumer debt, high taxes and inflation, millions of Americans are now potentially facing another tax hike: an … [Read more...]

Treasury warns U.S. government will run out of money by mid-October

The debt ceiling negotiations between President Obama, the Democratic leadership and Republican lawmakers are underway – again. Although GOP legislators are attempting to find some sort of a deal and Democrats are warning of a government shutdown, it … [Read more...]

Addressing the fallacies of income inequality in the United States

Akin to yesterday’s piece about the potential dangers of a federal government shutdown, CNN published an article that looks at income inequality in the United States and how it is affecting all facets of life: education, lifespan and economic … [Read more...]

Would a government shutdown really hurt the U.S. economy?

Last week, it was reported that the Republicans passed a bill in the House of Representatives and sent it to the Senate that would attempt to defund President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. It has now being expected that the GOP leadership will try to … [Read more...]

Low-wage workers to experience more unintended consequences of government

Low-wage workers in the United States continue to experience the unintended consequences of the federal and state governments. Although politicians, regulators, unions and bureaucrats may have good intentions, their policies are hurting millions of … [Read more...]

Ron Paul says Bernanke admits economy is in shambles with latest move

The Federal Reserve confirmed in a statement issued by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) that it will continue with its aggressive $85 billion per month bond-buying initiative in order to stimulate the economy. The central bank hinted … [Read more...]

U.S. falls to 17th place in economic freedom: report

This week, the Fraser Institute, a Canadian public policy think-tank, published its annual Economic Freedom of the World Report that analyzed economic freedom around the world and looked at 42 variables in five contributing areas: government size, … [Read more...]

Dollar collapse inevitable as CBO warns of unsustainable debt levels

The United States national debt has taken a backseat over the past couple of months due to the potential war with Syria. Over the next few weeks, though, it is expected that the federal debt and budget deficit will capture headlines again because of … [Read more...]

Does a ‘living wage’ create economic growth for both business and worker?

This is the start of an ongoing series that Economic Collapse News is doing to debunk various myths that some non-libertarian readers may purport from time to time in our comments section. Last weekend, Economic Collapse News reported on D.C. … [Read more...]