What’s open, closed during shutdown? And why government is involved everywhere

At midnight, the White House ordered federal government agencies to initiate shutting down procedures, furloughing thousands of civil servants and winding down government services for the first time in nearly two decades.

Here is a brief look at what is open, probably open and closed during this shutdown period:

Postal Service: open

Passport offices: open

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid: open

Immigration services: probably open

Federal prisons: open

SNAP: open

Federal websites: closed

WIC Program: closed

Federal courts: closed

National parks: closed

It is unknown as to how long the government shutdown will last – some estimates say at most a week. This means this is a perfect time to understand how large and expansive the size and scope of the federal government is. For instance, if one peruses the CNN Money website, there will be several articles highlighting how mothers and their children will not get the proper nutrition, while one man who works for the government may file for bankruptcy.

Other articles consist of the National Zoo’s panda cam shutting down, programs that feed the most vulnerable may wind down their operations and small businesses may not receive payments from Uncle Sam.

Indeed, it is a troubling sign to see so much havoc being inflicted upon the American people because the government can’t afford to pay its bills anymore. The quintessential question: why is the government involved in so many of these programs? Why is it involved in zoos and parks? Nutritional programs for mothers and their children? Isn’t this a personal responsibility and not something the government has to be affiliated with?

For some reason or another, the American people – particularly since during the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration – became utterly dependent on the government. This government shutdown proves that the general public is now unable to look after themselves and need a bureaucrat to care for them from cradle to grave.

Perhaps this brief government shutdown will people to begin caring for their own well-being and not turning to Capitol Hill.

Essentially, the government shutdown only affects nonessential workers. Here’s a final question: why doesn’t the government get rid of these nonessential workers and then Washington can only maintain a focus on essential workers?

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