WWE’s Kane talks libertarianism, his heroes with Tom Woods

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, is in the company’s main event storyline again involving Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton. This time, he is unmasked and wearing a suit. Although time will tell where his character is heading, it’s great for fans to see the character evolve.

Aside from wrestling, as many libertarians and sports entertainment fans will know, Jacobs is an avid political buff and liberty activist. There was even talk a few months ago that he would run as a libertarian-leaning Republican in next year’s United States Senate race in Tennessee.

Following the news, Jacobs confirmed that he has “no plans on running for political office at this time.” However, he hasn’t ruled out any future run for public office, which would be great news for the libertarian movement in the U.S. as he has the finances and knowledge to showcase his authentic libertarianism.

With that being said, WWE’s “Big Red Machine” spoke with Tom Woods on his program last week. Since Jacobs has been dominating entertainment news – his new film “See No Evil 2” and his participation with WWE’s The Authority – this interview is timely and great for everyone to listen to.

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