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Infographic: A brief history of the past 5 years of Bitcoin

What does the future hold for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like it? Only time will tell, but the past five years have been important for the digital currency. Starting off from less than a buck to as high as $1,100, bitcoin has been lucrative for … [Read more...]

8 key arguments against raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour

The ignorance of economics in the United States and in other Western countries is widespread. It seemed that those who misunderstood economics the most was the Occupy Wall Street crowd, but these are the ones who have garnered the most mainstream … [Read more...]

The Virtues of the Marketplace – Why business is better than charity

‘Tis the season to increase your donations to charities. Although the government takes too much from you to donate more for philanthropic endeavors, Westerners always dig a little deeper and find extra funds to help feed the poor, shelter animals and … [Read more...]

10 libertarian economics books to buy this Christmas

Christmas is less than a week away and if you’re still frantically shopping to get everyone in your family a gift then this list may be your salvation. If you’re attempting to buy a present for that Keynesian, neo-conservative or socialist in your … [Read more...]

Infographic: Namecoin is Bitcoin’s ‘more useful twin’

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise, despite what actions central banks and governments across the globe are taking. This one particular infographic takes a look at the differences between Bitcoins and Namecoins. Will Namecoins gain as much … [Read more...]

‘Wastebook’ shows government waste a major factor to economic collapse

From funding a zombie game to funding a YouTube show, from studying romance to studying wives calming down during an argument, Washington was at it again in 2013 and continues to be known as the beacon of waste and utter incompetence. Everyone … [Read more...]

Winklevoss twins predict one bitcoin will be worth $40,000

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are speculating that one bitcoin will eventually be worth $40,000, according to a Reddit post written by the famous duo known as Olympic rowers and for instigating a lawsuit against Facebook. Bitcoin, which has … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff Goes to Walmart – Will shoppers support higher wages?

Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, has a new video out where he goes to a Walmart location and finds out if shoppers support a $15 wage for the store's workers. Schiff posed as an individual in charge of a "15 for 15" organization, a … [Read more...]

Noam Chomsky: If Fed didn’t print fiat money we’d be in a deep depression

This video of Noam Chomsky speaking to students at the University of Florida was posted in late October but it has started to make the rounds on the Internet. In his Q&A session, Chomsky suggests an end to capitalism, defends the Federal Reserve, … [Read more...]

CFO study finds a growing collapse in job market amid Obamacare

It’s no secret that over the course of the next few years, the United States labor market will be dramatically transformed into a part-time jobs market. What was once the beacon of middle-class jobs for a century will now become a nation whose … [Read more...]