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In Memory of Ben Bernanke: Ron Paul takes on Federal Reserve

As noted, Ben Bernanke finished up his second term as Chair of the Federal Reserve. In memory of his terrible reign as head of the most powerful central bank and organization in the world, Economic Collapse News thought it would be beneficial to take … [Read more...]

Ben Bernanke leaves behind a disastrous track record that furthered collapse

Ben Bernanke finished up his second term at the Federal Reserve this week leaving behind quite a mess. No, the former Fed Chair does not deserve “our appreciation” nor did he help the United States economy during turbulent times. Instead, he deserves … [Read more...]

Gold, not bitcoin, is the real alternative to fiat currency: hedge fund manager

It has now become a year-old question: is gold a better safe haven investment than bitcoin? Well, the answer really depends on who you ask, especially among the libertarian community. Avid goldbugs will make the case for the yellow metal, while … [Read more...]

GOP Congressman: President Obama is a ‘Socialistic dictator’

On Tuesday night, President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address in front of members of Congress and millions of Americans. Although the president received applause and standing ovations – much like his predecessors – some elected … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Gold will always go up as Federal Reserve prints money

The yellow metal has remained quiet so far this year – bitcoin is grabbing the business headlines these days. It is trading at around $1,250 and not a lot of movement is occurring. But should goldbugs focus on gold’s short-term or long-term … [Read more...]

Will youth unemployment cause a global economic collapse?

The economic collapse caused and is still causing a stunning global youth unemployment problem. Worldwide joblessness among young people is so great that it’s equal to the entire population of the United States, a figure which is pegged at more than … [Read more...]

Is opportunity in America shrinking?

With a rising cost of living, a devaluing currency and a government growing in size and scope every day (causing most of our problems), the question that has been asked lately: is opportunity in America shrinking? Although the United States has … [Read more...]

Jack Lew hints coming bitcoin regulations at World Economic Forum

Dozens of countries and central banks have weighed in on the issue of bitcoin. From China enforcing strict regulations to Canada classifying it as a taxable commodity, it seems a significant number of states have made clear the rules when it comes to … [Read more...]

Study finds majority of Americans think U.S. is still in a recession

The United States federal government likes to claim that the nation is not in a recession. However, if a politician were to ask the average American, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll say quite the opposite. According to a Fox News poll … [Read more...]

Pope continues to promote socialist economic policies

When it comes to the Pope, there are two things that are pretty clear: he doesn’t understand economics and he believes the answer to all of the world’s problems is more socialism. This can be found again in a message sent to the World Economic Forum … [Read more...]