Latest $1.1 trillion U.S. budget bill amounts to $3 million per word

Last week, the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the $1.1 trillion government spending bill. The Senate voted 72-26 in favor and was sent to President Obama’s desk. The budget bill will include implementation of Obamacare and tougher regulations on financial markets. There will be minor cuts in foreign aid and the Internal Revenue Service.

Essentially, it’s just another massive budget without any serious cuts. But the key question is: how big is it? According to analysis from the Associated Press, the taxpayers are being charged $3 million per word, or approximately $700 million per page.

Here are the specifics:

–          1,582 pages

–          370,445 words, numbers and symbols

–          $2.9 million per word

–          $695 million per page

–          $1.1 trillion budget

The Taxpayers for Common Sense explained that senators spent roughly 69 hours prior to passing the budget. This means each senator spent two minutes per page reading the entire bill (this is quite doubtful, indeed).

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