In Memory of Ben Bernanke: Ron Paul takes on Federal Reserve

As noted, Ben Bernanke finished up his second term as Chair of the Federal Reserve. In memory of his terrible reign as head of the most powerful central bank and organization in the world, Economic Collapse News thought it would be beneficial to take a look back and see how Ron Paul and others, particularly Alan Grayson, took on Bernanke and the Federal Reserve System over the last few years.

The last video pretty much summarizes the United States economy: economic planning through manipulation of money and credit.

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  1. Just the right time for Ben Bernanke to leave and to trust somebody deal with the burden of problems existing in the economy today. Some bubbles have already boosted and we are still to see some more in the nearest time, I am sure. I do not think anybody to take the Bernanke’s place now will do it with pleasure.

  2. No big pleasure to deal with overwhelming debt obligations, debtors unable to handle their loans along with overall unstable crisis state of economy, while the inflation grows along with the unemployment rate in the country.
    Jull from

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