Is Atlanta’s ‘snowpocalypse’ panic a depiction of societal collapse?

Atlanta has experienced Old Man Winter over the past few weeks. In the past several days, the city has received more than three inches of snow, which shut the city down and caused immense havoc on the streets. More snow is still forecasted to come.

According to the latest weather forecasts, numerous parts of Georgia will be hit with three to five inches of snow. This isn’t good news for those who aren’t used to the regular periods of snow like the northeast or in Canada.

The latest winter storm warning has caused households to go frantic and strip grocery stores of its items. Images have been posted on social media highlighting empty shelves and of shoppers grabbing every essential item, such as bread, water, milk and eggs. There were even reports of shoppers “fighting.”

Some of the photos can be found below.

This is the same kind of behavior that engulfs stores during the infamous Black Friday sales, where shoppers fight each other and act like mobs to purchase a television, tablet or clothing. People even riot on the streets if their respective sports team wins or loses.

The key question to ask is: what will it be like when the economy collapses and individuals scramble for bread crumbs? Will we all act similar to savages and wild animals to get the last bottle of water and the final carton of eggs?

With that being said, it would be wise and imperative to start preparing for any sort of collapse or natural disaster. If not, it’s possible that you’ll turn out like the victims of Hurricane Sandy, who did not prepare, though they were given warnings in advance of just how fierce and powerful Mother Nature was going to be.

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