Want to cuddle with someone? There’s a service for that

When businesses and consumers are left alone, they provide truly unique goods and services. With record rates of depression, numerous claims of loneliness and a society disconnected from each other because of their obsession with smartphones and social media, a person just needs a good old fashioned cuddle.

There’s a service for that.

Called Cuddle U NYC, it’s the very first such service in the City That Never Sleeps. The proprietor of the business earns $80 per hour to just hold someone in her arms. The business also offers two other services: A Movie & A Cuddle: $200 and Holiday Cuddle: $250.

There are several policies involved, such as maintaining a respectable level of hygiene (take a shower before the appointment), a 48-hour cancellation policy and engaging in conversation is entirely up to the client.

No sex is involved whatsoever.

Perhaps this will eliminate the therapy industry because, let’s face it, we all just need a hug once in a while to heal all of our wounds, release all the stress and take a break from the hectic days of life.

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