Hypocrisy: Bill de Blasio doesn’t pay higher taxes, CUNY to pay Krugman very well

Socialism for everyone, except for myself.

That is usually the philosophy that proponents of big government and socialism adhere to. A politician wants to maintain the coercion, intrusion and pervasive nature of government to be applied to every other person except for themselves and their family.

A good example of this is New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who earned $165,000 as a public advocate in 2013 and an additional $52,000 in rent on a second home he owns. How much did he pay in taxes? Get this: a little more than eight percent. Shouldn’t he have forked over at least half?

De Blasio and his kind tell the rich to pay their fair share and to pay more in taxes, but how come he only paid a single-digit tax rate? Why didn’t he allocate more of his income to the United States Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service on his taxes? Hypocrisy, that’s why.

Speaking of hypocrisy…

New York Times columnist and Keynesian economist Paul Krugman will be paid $25,000 per month over a period of nine months from the City University of New York, according to a report from Gawker which obtained a letter through a Freedom of Information Law.

The purpose of his hiring is to participate in activities involving the institution’s Graduate Center and Luxembourg Income Study Center, a group that studies income patterns and inequality levels. He will only play a “modest role,” but will still be paid six figures.

The question is: will he be distributing that immense sum of wealth to the impoverished and most vulnerable in society? Will he negotiate a smaller salary for “modest” work? Probably not, but the hypocrisy and irony in this piece of news were just too good (and hilarious) not to share.

Krugman must be the greatest comedian of the 21st century. He would certainly make the aliens laugh.

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