Eating vegetables can help you survive rising meat prices, save money

Consumers heading to the meat counter at their local grocery store are likely noticing higher prices. In the United States, carnivores are seeing meat prices increasing nearly 10 percent, while Canadian meat-eaters are going to experience a six percent higher meat bill throughout the year.

We have reported over the past few months of how a wide variety of foods are inching upwards at the grocery store: beef prices are reaching all-time highs, chicken prices have jumped 3.4 percent, pork prices are soaring by 10 percent and a carton of eggs has risen 106 percent since the year 2000.

In January, Economic Collapse News asked the question: “will food price inflation lead to Americans becoming vegetarians?” With stagnating incomes, a rising cost of living and diminishing purchasing power, Western consumers may be forced to adopt a vegetarian or vegan palate.

Of course, there are plenty of alternatives to meat out there that come with protein, amino acids and other vitamins and nutrients that chicken, fish and turkey offer. Being a vegetarian can be cheaper, too, according to a report published in U.S. News.

“Eating plenty of vegetables is good for your body, and in a way, your body runs like a bank account: Calories are deposited, and calories are spent. Too many calories spent, and you’re hungry and overdrawn. Too many calories deposited, and you’re bloated and eventually overweight. Of course, we would all rather have an extra bulge in our bank accounts than at our waistlines,” wrote Lacie Glover of the news outlet. “Eating plenty of vegetables can also be good for your real-life bank account by saving you money in the long run over a diet packed with junk.”

The article discussed how fruits and vegetables help your body run and fuel it with vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, consuming more fruits and vegetables than meant can help individuals lose weight and thus improve their health. Obesity has cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $147 billion each year.

Even to notice the benefits, both financially and health-wise, it is suggested to go vegetarian at least once a week. Also, the report listed six ways to save money buying vegetables:

–          Shop at local farmers markets

–          Consume in-season vegetables

–          If possible, grown your own vegetables

–          Chop and freeze vegetables

–          Make big meals and freeze leftovers

–          Research recipes and create a menu before heading to the grocery store

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