‘Lies My President Told Me’: Video takes a look at various Obama lies

It isn’t surprising to understand that the current Obama administration hasn’t exactly been honest, successful or transparent. It has been quite the opposite, but this video “Lies My President Told Me” showcases various statements made by President Obama that have turned out to be dishonest or inaccurate.

Courtesy of YouTube user LibertyPen.

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  1. Rosetta says:

    Hillary Clinton will be the best President for 2016.

    Anita Sarkessian reports that the sexualized, eroticized, fetishized violence against white women and sexist and racist stereotypes is nothing other then blatant misogyny.

    Kanye’s music video Monster not only glamorizes violence against white women but tries to make it it ok with a brief statement at the beginning of the music video saying it is not meant to insult anyone and it is not misogynistic. Anita Sarkessian is correct when she claims that men by nature make derogatory remarks about women, particularly white women.

    The recent mass killings by white misogynist Elliot Rodger is a product of misogyny, and violence against white women need to be stopped. First, ban guns. Second, increase jail times
    for any male who displays pre-crime contempt for white women. What will it take for us to admit that our society is misogynist? Elliot Rodger’s California shooting spree is further proof that misogyny kills.

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