Facebook, Google predominantly white males – your point is what exactly?

In the past month, both Facebook and Google have released public diversity reports to showcase what their respective workforces look like. It turns out that the two Internet juggernauts maintain offices filled white males, something that comes with much disdain in today’s world.

Google’s overall staff is 70 percent male and 61 percent white. Facebook’s overall global staff is 69 percent male and its U.S. workforce is 57 percent white and 34 percent Asian. This is supposedly angering many because it highlights a paucity of diversity in two of the biggest companies in the world.

Facebook and Google have even caved in to the political correctness by averring that there is more work to do to ensure their workplace is diverse, which is why the social media giant has launched a new “strategic diversity team.”

What this essentially means is that in order to appease advocates of affirmative action and civil rights activists they will dismiss qualifications and hire individuals based on their skin color in order to have a greater mix of whites and blacks, Hispanics and Asians, men and women – what happens if there are 67 percent black women and 25 percent Hispanic men will they then have to hire more whites again?


In recent months, civil rights activists and former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson has appeared at several annual meetings at some of the largest firms in the United States today. He has urged these companies to do more to recruit black and Hispanic workers.

Question: isn’t this a form of racism and discrimination? Let’s face it: to appear politically correct, a company like Google and Facebook will now forego the concept of work experience, education and talent and instead give someone a job because they’re black. It’s a racist policy, plain and simple.

It’s akin to proponents of affirmative action. These are some of the biggest racists of them all because they think that blacks and other minorities are incapable of looking after themselves and can’t succeed in life without the hand of white bureaucrats.

What has made the aforementioned companies successful is that they hire the best and brightest, they incorporate innovative methods to ensure their employees are exceeding expectations. It’s unlikely that Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin are sitting in their offices menacing on ways to hurt the black man. Likewise for Mark Zuckerberg, who isn’t lying in his home contemplating how to discriminate against Hispanics.

Thomas Sowell might have said it best when he wrote in 2003:

“When any policy can only be defended by lies and duplicity, there is something fundamentally wrong with that policy. Virtually every argument in favor of affirmative action is demonstrably false. It is the grand fraud of our time.

“In other words, most blacks lifted themselves out of poverty but liberal politicians and black ‘leaders’ have claimed credit. One side effect is that many whites wonder why blacks cannot lift themselves out of poverty like other groups, when that is in fact what most blacks have done.”

Businesses generally are indifferent towards skin colors and genital areas because they want workers who can surpass productivity standards and do what is best for the company’s bottom line. Perhaps this may have been true 50 years ago, but people just don’t care anymore.

Besides, even if businesses do discriminate, they will eventually suffer the consequences because they chose someone who was technically inferior to the other job candidate who may have had a different skin color.The only ones who care about race are liberal do-gooders who espouse the supposed virtues of affirmative action and mandated diversity. These are the ones who should be ashamed for thinking minorities are intellectually powerless and morally insolvent. They certainly sound like the KKK.

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