Video: How tobacco companies, anti-smoking groups have become ‘an unhealthy alliance’

Anti-smoking groups have long campaigned and lobbied Washington to tax and/or ban tobacco cigarettes. Public officials acquiesced to these demands.

Fast forward to the present, anti-smoking groups are now campaigning and lobbying Washing to prohibit vaping or e-cigarettes, an effective alternative to smoking cigarettes. What they may not know is that these groups and organizations are now on the side of the fierce tobacco lobby. Tobacco companies view e-cigs as strong competition and they want the government limit its exposure and get these businesses to shut down.

It seems the anti-smoking groups and tobacco companies have now become an alliance.

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  1. The big tobacco companies such as Altria (formerly Philip Morris), RJ Reynolds and others ARE making e-cigarettes also, so they aren’t trying to ban them. It’s all about nicotine addiction and profits.

    Health advocates are trying to get smokers to quit tobacco completely in order for their lungs and body to heal and regain their freedom, self-confidence and courage. Not to be enslaved from one addiction to another.

    When they first came out, nicotine companies were baiting those who had quit smoking to try the new gadget that just emitted “water vapor”. Many people have been tricked into falling into the nicotine trap again by these unscrupulus vendors.

    Many kids are becoming addicted to nicotine in vaporizers that would not have started smoking.

    Nicotine is an addictive toxic poison. People who profit from it should be held accountable.

    • So, I assume you will no longer be shopping at any grocery store, convenience store, gas station, liquor store, or pharmacy that profits from the sale of cigarettes, right? Do they need to be held accountable for profiting from nicotine? What are you doing to get them to stop selling tobacco?

      • How much money did your state rake in from tobacco taxes? Are residents of your state accountable now that they’ve profited from the sale of nicotine?

    • acidiumSiacriSixx says:

      i guess those dirty lawyers that make a living fighting big tobacco for ex smokers and their families should be shut down..the lobbiests who make a living holding anti-tobacco “non profit organizations” together should be shut down as well..Its become a symbiotic relationship..”the devil and the priest cannot exist if one goes away”

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