Socialism explained in a single cartoon

For the second time in one day, we have something interesting from Mark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). This time, it’s a cartoon that explains socialism in a very simple way. The cartoon is funny because it illustrates the problem with those who feel morally just; they’re taking money from you to help someone who is impecunious. Why don’t they help them personally without the threat of force or violence? That can’t be explained by the supporters of socialism and wealth redistribution.

Here is the cartoon:

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  1. George Farrell says:

    Uhm, I dont think you got the message of this cartoon, or at least not the one I got: The fat guy is taking money from the innocent man to give to the poor guy because that makes the fat guy feel better about his greed filled exists cd. The innocent man should feel better but the fat guy is taking this away from him to ease his own ignorance.
    So the title is purposefully ironic.

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