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Mises: An Audacious Champion of Freedom

By: Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. Ideas are all-important. Indeed, they are more powerful than armies, as Victor Hugo noted. But ideas are advanced by specific individuals, and inculcated in them, and historically tied to them. How blessed are we … [Read more...]

Financial minds most concerned with growing household debt in Canada: poll

Are Canada's top money managers more frightened about the growing household debt across Canada or the Great White North's growing housing bubble? Despite both being related to one another, debt is the winner. According to an informal Business News … [Read more...]

What will the ‘1099 economy’ look like in 2016?

Since the financial crisis, the United States has been referred to as a Part-Time Jobs Nation. If the country could only be so lucky! It's now going to be referred to as the Temp Jobs Nation moving forward. There's been a lot of talk about an … [Read more...]

Will collapse of massive derivatives market lead to ‘financial Armageddon’?

In the United States, there are five "too big to fail" banks that each have more than $30 trillion in derivatives contracts. When combining all of the biggest banks, there is just under one-quarter of a quadrillion dollars of exposure to derivatives … [Read more...]

Wow! Federal Reserve to pay U.S., foreign banks $12.2 billion in 2016

Between 2008 and 2015, the Federal Reserve acquired more than $4 trillion worth of bonds. Indeed, a lot of money was printed and now the Fed maintains an astronomical balance sheet. In order to keep the money it printed as part of its quantitative … [Read more...]

Top 1% pay nearly 40% of federal income taxes

For the past few years, we've been inundated with platitudes referring to the top one percent. Evict the one percent, pay their fair share, redistribute the wealth. Occupy Wall Street made some of these phrases quite popular, even when they didn't … [Read more...]

Illustration: Federal Reserve, Wall Street performing the Dance of the Dollar

It's been known for a long time that the Federal Reserve has a very cozy relationship with Wall Street. The duo's relationship often involves taking long walks on the beach, sitting in a cabin by the fire during a winter storm and listening to Kenny … [Read more...]

14 states to raise minimum wage in 2016

What a great way to start off 2016! The least educated, the least skilled, the least experienced and not to mention the youth, non-union workers and the immigrants will be most affected by these minimum wage hikes across 14 states. Let's not … [Read more...]

Alberta Premier backtracking on $15 minimum wage pledge in 2018

But wasn't a higher minimum wage great for an economy? That's what we're constantly told by many politicians and economists on the left. Alberta New Democratic Party Premier Rachel Notley announced this past summer that the oil-rich province's … [Read more...]

An economic glimpse of what the Federal Reserve is looking at year end

Want to see what the Federal Reserve is taking a look at as we come to an end to 2015? The Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) figures below give a brief summary as to what the United States central bank is exactly analyzing to determine its next … [Read more...]