Hey, Donald Trump, 7.4 million Americans are employed by foreign companies

President Donald Trump wants a mercantilist economy, a nation that is insulated from global trade, despite international commerce generating obscene amounts of wealth and opportunities for all. Today, more than seven million Americans are employed … [Read more...]

How Welfare States Make Us Less Civilized

By: Per Bylund Throughout history, the state has justified itself on the grounds that it is necessary to protect us from others whose habits and beliefs — we are meant to believe — are dangerous. For millennia, this fiction was easy to maintain … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (Twitter needs Trump, Vice wants to ‘blow up’ Mt. Rushmore, rich never paid 91% tax rate)

News Story of the Day: Twitter may publicly detest President Donald Trump, but they understand the true value he provides to the social media network. In fact, without the Twitterer-in-chief, the company would lose about one-fifth of its … [Read more...]

Video: Steven Crowder crashes a Hawaii socialist protest

Socialists are insecure people. Anytime their failed ideology is contested, they become hostile. Steven Crowder of Louder with Crowder went to a Hawaii socialist protest. As you could expect, it didn't end well at all. Here is the video … [Read more...]

5 Nazi facts the left, Antifa & the MSM seem to forget

There is something strange occurring in the United States at the moment. No, it's not how men are turning into women and how universities are suppressing free speech. It's the paucity of common sense and an ignorance pertaining to history. In … [Read more...]

You Are Fake News: Before Fake News, America Invented ‘Pseudo Events’

By: Ryan McMaken In the wake of the Chalottesville riot, it's been interesting how quickly the focus has shifted away from the actual events in Charlottesville and toward the public pundits and intellectuals are expressing opinions about the … [Read more...]

Donald Trump confirms economic ignorance in renewed attack on Amazon

How many enemies does President Donald Trump really want to make? And why does he lack economic understanding? On Wednesday morning, the president attacked Amazon in a tweet, accusing the online retail juggernaut of destroying localities and … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Attack Venezuela? Trump Can’t be Serious!

By: Ron Paul There is something unsettling about how President Trump has surrounded himself with generals. From his defense secretary to his national security advisor to his White House chief of staff, Trump looks to senior military officers to … [Read more...]

Chart: Black Separatist is most active hate group in U.S., KKK is second

You have likely heard by now that all white people are racist and are responsible for what happened over the weekend. The left will constantly say that white people are KKK members and Nazis, causing them to make fools of themselves. But you would … [Read more...]

Jeff Deist: The Wrong Narrative in Charlottesville

By: Jeff Deist The political violence in Charlottesville yesterday was as predictable as it was futile. One person was killed and dozens badly injured, marking a new low in the political and cultural wars that are as heated as any time since in … [Read more...]