Will Donald Trump finally kill Big Bird?

We have been down this road before...the potential death of Big Bird. During the 2012 presidential election, former Massachusetts Governor and Republican nominee Mitt Romney was knocked for wanting to end funding for PBS, and thus ending the … [Read more...]

How the media use Trump’s Twitter to dismiss real problems (video)

Every time United States President Donald Trump says or tweets something, you can be rest assured that a great chunk of what he has uttered is right and the rest of his comments are wrong. For instance, when he commented on Sweden, he ignited a … [Read more...]

John McCain accuses Rand Paul of ‘now working for Vladimir Putin’

Why are the Democrats and neoconservatives absolutely obsessed with Russia? Why do they want to go to war so badly? Who is funding this crusade against Moscow? The neo-McCarthyism era has become downright laughable, especially after the latest … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve gives Donald Trump first rate hike

You did it. You did it. You did it. The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for the second time in three months. Fed Chair Janet Yellen announced on Wednesday that the United States central bank will raise its target rate by 25 basis … [Read more...]

Paging Milton Friedman – Pope Francis warns of ‘very grave sin’ if you fire workers

If you're a company and you fire your workers then you are committing a "very grave sin," says Pope Francis. Speaking to his general audience on Wednesday, the Pope decided to intervene in economic affairs and provide his take on business … [Read more...]

Literally Hitler! Brexit is ‘Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin’ says Lord Dick Taverne

Did you know that Great Britain's exit from the crumbling ship known as the European Union (EU) is really Hitler? Yep, that is according to Liberal Democrat Lord Dick Taverne. The House of Lords voted to accept the EU bill, otherwise known as … [Read more...]

Marine Le Pen destroys the media in 50 seconds (video)

It is only a matter of weeks now that the French voters head to the ballot box. The latest polls suggest that it has now come down to centrist Emmanuel Macron and National Front leader Marine Le Pen. Reportedly, Le Pen has been gaining a greater … [Read more...]

Study: 94% of UK universities restrict free speech

Universities and college campuses used to be the champions of free speech, homes to regular debates and discussions of ideas that are both good and bad. For years, post-secondary institutions used to protest in favor of free speech, but now they riot … [Read more...]

LOL: List of ’10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege’ – you’re still a racist

The wacky left keeps getting funnier and funnier with each passing day. Ostensibly, if you are suffering from white privilege then there are ways you can reject it almost immediately, according to a new list that is being circulated across social … [Read more...]

Scary: CNN defends CIA in question to Julian Assange

Last week, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange helped publish an immense amount of documents pertaining to the CIA and their surveillance and spying techniques as part of a project known as #Vault7. This is just one percent of what WikiLeaks … [Read more...]