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Libertarians for Donald Trump? 5 reasons libertarians can’t support Trump

Donald Trump is good on a few things, and terrible on most issues. At least from a libertarian perspective. The can-do attitude of Trump, something Friedrich Hayek warned in "Road to Serfdom," is one of the many things that libertarians should be … [Read more...]

Chinese investors are buying U.S. assets like the Japanese did in the 1980s

It's the Asian buying-spree of the 1980s all over again! In the first quarter of this year, Chinese investors have completed around $41 billion worth of United States deals, which is close to double the amount for all of 2015. That's an astounding … [Read more...]

Video: Is the ‘wussification of America’ destroying the nation’s future?

Is the wussification of the United States and the $3 billion trophy industrial complex destroying the future of the country? Recently, John Stossel of the Fox Business Network looked at how the meritocracy in America is being destroyed by those … [Read more...]

LOL: Hillary Clinton can’t stop nodding for three minutes during roundtable

Former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is an interesting person. If comedians and the media weren't so partisan and stuck in that left-right paradigm, Clinton could provide a lot of material for laughter. This … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe

By: Ron Paul It was not long after last week’s horrifying bombings in Brussels that the so-called security experts were out warning that Europeans must give up more of their liberty so government can keep them secure from terrorism. I guess people … [Read more...]

Fed Chart: Consumer debt service payments as a percent of disposable personal income

Americans are in a tremendous amount of debt. In order to either fund their high standard of living or to cover their day-to-day bills since they live paycheck to paycheck, a substantial number of Americans are in the red. A chart from the Federal … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget in Today’s Economy

If you dream of one day having a fairytale wedding perhaps on the beach in some exotic locale, you’ll need to accept that fact that it’ll cost an arm and a leg for that kind of pomp and circumstance. In the United States, the average cost of a … [Read more...]

David Stockman warns ‘it’s over’ as world economy drifts into a recession because of ‘blindfolded arsonist’

Stocks in the United States will soon see their values eviscerated because of the Federal Reserve's disastrous policies, warns David Stockman, the former Reagan White House budget director and author of "The Great Deformation." Speaking in an … [Read more...]

Price controls may be on the way

By: Paul-Martin Foss If you thought negative interest rates were as bad as it could get with central banks, you might be in for a surprise. Central banks have been so spectacularly unsuccessful with their accommodative monetary policies that they … [Read more...]

Solar energy firm SunEdison Inc (SUNE) stock collapses 42% to 73 cents

When the state is no longer subsidizing your solar energy be prepared to see various solar firms start crumbling one by one. Described as the Wall Street nightmare stock, SunEdison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) has seen its shares collapse over the last 12 … [Read more...]