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Obama will be only president in U.S. history who did not deliver 3% economic growth in a single year

With President Barack Obama in his final few months in office, some economists are taking a look back at this very interesting eight-year period. Keynesian economist Paul Krugman has written countless blog posts over the last several months … [Read more...]

‘Human Action’ Excerpt: Why Socialism Will Always Fail

By: Ludwig von Mises: The director wants to build a house. Now, there are many methods that can be resorted to. Each of them offers, from the point of view of the director, certain advantages and disadvantages with regard to the utilization of the … [Read more...]

Ron Paul is buying silver, expects an economic downtown worse than 2008-2009

One of the biggest stories of the market this year so far has been the rise of silver. The precious metal is up 23 percent year-to-date, while mining stocks have been going through the roof. Although gold has been steadily going up, silver is the one … [Read more...]

5 random things for a Friday (rent inflation, government rape, generation cupcake owned)

News Story of the Day: Since the economic collapse, home ownership in the United States has crumbled. After some modest quarterly gains in home ownership rates, the number has fallen dramatically since 2008. Renting, ostensibly, has become the new … [Read more...]

Rolling Back the Taxes on Our Constitutional Money

By Jp Cortez of Sound Money Defense League Imagine if you asked a grocery clerk to break a $5 bill and he charged you a 35 cent in tax. Unfair, right? After all, you were only exchanging one form of money for another. But try walking to a … [Read more...]

#TT: Former Soviet Citizen confronts socialists at Occupy Wall Street (video)

Wow. It's already been five years since Occupy Wall Street protesters infested streets all over the world, preaching the supposed virtues of socialism and espousing the evils of capitalism. It was a ridiculous demonstration that didn't really do … [Read more...]

Study finds regulations cost U.S. economy $4 trillion

Politicians and bureaucrats constantly say that all what the country needs is more regulations. But after a report found that regulations are costing the United States economy trillions of dollars, the main question is: how many more regulations … [Read more...]

Scary: Most U.S. millennials reject capitalism, one-third support socialism

Despite their love for all things iPhone, Starbucks and Angry Birds, it seems young American millennials - those 18 to 29 - reject capitalism, says a new study. According to a Harvard University survey (via the Washington Post) released this week, … [Read more...]

Are investors worried about municipal bonds defaulting? Nope

New data suggest that investors are not worried about high default fears when it comes to municipal bonds, reports the New York Times. Although a large number of municipalities all over the United States and in U.S. Territories face unprecedented … [Read more...]

Are there ‘too many millionaires’? Milton Friedman sets liberal straight

It's astounding that nearly 40 years ago, we still had this exact same conversation: there are too many millionaires and the rich have to pay their fair share. It's incredible that the same discussion is being had, and many economists have to explain … [Read more...]