LOL: ‘Socialist Paradise’ Venezuela wants women to stop using hairdryers amid power outages

What happens when you mix socialism, central economic planning, price inflation and price controls? The government telling women to have wet hair.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is urging women to stop using hairdryers. The president is telling women to embrace the wet hair look and only use hairdryers on “special occasions.” The socialist leader noted that he thinks “a woman looks better when she just runs her fingers through her hair and lets it dry naturally.”

This is because the country, which is very rich in oil reserves, is facing an immense energy crisis. Things have gotten so bad that citizens are hoarding candles because of constant blackouts. Unfortunately, much like everything else in the country, there is a shortage of candles.

Imagine if the hipster, socialist Bernie Sanders supporters were told by their beloved leader to stop using gel for their hair, drinking Starbucks coffee and texting on their iPhones. Oh, the humanity!

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