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Happy 215th birthday Frederic Bastiat!

Today is the 215th anniversary of the birth of Frederic Bastiat. Born June 30, 1801, Bastiat was the one of the greatest classical liberal economists coming from France. He brilliantly came up with the Broken Window Fallacy, penned the hilarious … [Read more...]

A third of U.S. businesses would reduce staff to pay for $15 minimum wage

One of the unintended consequences of the minimum wage is that businesses would hire fewer people or reduce their workforce altogether. Unions know this so they try to cut a deal with companies and pledge to work for less if management unionizes the … [Read more...]

Here We Go Again: Elizabeth Warren takes on Silicon Valley

Elizabeth there anything she won't regulate? The Massachusetts Democratic Senator delivered a speech during an event for New America, a public policy think tank in D.C., in which she claimed that, like many of the big Wall Street … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: After Brexit, Can We Exit a Few Things Too?

By: Ron Paul Last week’s UK vote to leave the EU may have come as a shock to many, but the sentiment that led British voters to reject rule from Brussels is nothing unique. In fact it is growing sentiment worldwide. Frustration with politics as … [Read more...]

Is a global food shortage coming? FEMA contractor warns of unrest after 395% food price spike in 2020

Is a global food shortage on the horizon? Reports are making the rounds on the Internet after a FEMA contractor warned of worldwide unrest after a 395 percent spike in the cost of food. Such a jump would lead to extreme civil chaos in each part of … [Read more...]

Marc Faber warns Federal Reserve will launch QE4, use Brexit as an excuse

The time to buy gold is now and the Federal Reserve will launch the fourth edition of quantitative easing soon, warns Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. After the historic Brexit referendum, Faber believes the … [Read more...]

Ron Pauls asks if Brexit is a big enough win for liberty

Although the statists, corporate media and young people are crying over 53 percent of Britons voting to leave the European Union (EU), former Texas Republican Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul is ecstatic. But on the latest … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: ‘Janet Yellen can blame her failure to raise rates on Brexit’

The Brexit fallout led to the biggest wipeout of the global stock market of all time. More than $2 trillion was eviscerated everywhere from London to New York, from Beijing to Toronto. This level of panic will likely create some uncertainty in the … [Read more...]

Video: What does the future of equality look like?

Everything is now a microaggression. Everything we do now must be looked at through the lens of special snowflakes who are frightened of words. Every word uttered, every act performed, every move we make must be scrutinized as not to offend anyone. … [Read more...]

Is renting always a waste of money? (video)

The cost of owning a home has gotten more expensive since the collapse of the housing market a few years back. Meanwhile, the cost of renting an apartment has also skyrocketed thanks to the Federal Reserve (SEE: 11 million Americans dedicating half … [Read more...]