Video: Thomas Sowell refers to both Donald Trump, Barack Obama as “glib egomaniac’

Legendary economist Thomas Sowell was interviewed by the Hoover Institute recently and was asked about the politics of today.

With his eloquence and cynicism of United States politics, Sowell stated that he was baffled at how the American people wanted to replace one “glib egomaniac” (Barack Obama) with another “glib egomaniac” (Donald Trump).

Sowell also ranked President Obama as the worst U.S. president, even worse than Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and James Buchanan, citing foreign policy and economic interventions. Sowell highlighted Warren Harding as an example of a president who did nothing and the national economy expanded.

Evidently, you should want a president or a prime minister who doesn’t or can’t do anything. In the next several months, that person would be Hillary Clinton, who will definitely face gridlock and potential health issues.

You can find the interview embedded below:

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